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about us

LAURUS language center was established in 2007. Over the last 8 years we have developed special language programs for pre-school and school children and have created special learning materials. LAURUS offers a wide range of children´s courses and Czech as a foreign language is one of them; Besides traditional teaching methods we also use modern ways of teaching which support and activate communication skills. We teach in groups of 4-6 children and 80 % of the communication is in Czech.

The school is located in Prague 6, in Dejvice, and is easily accessible by metro A (station Hradčanská or Dejvická).


about the teachers ...

Our teachers demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills. They are reliable, kind, cheerful and very sensitive.



We offer group-courses for children and private classes. The group-courses take place once a week in the afternoon (see the chart below)

Each group course lasts 90 minutes and is especially focused on roleplays, theatre, reading of Czech books, singing songs, drawing, writing etc.

Private classes can take place every time of a day, in the morning, afternoon or evening.



normal group: 5-7 students

length of the course: 90 minutes/once a week (17 classes per term)

course fee: 4.900,-Kč (September – January; February - June)


small group: 4 students

length of the course: 60 minutes/once a week (17 classes per term)

course fee: 3.900,-Kč (September – January; February - June)


mini group: 3 students

length of the course: 60 minutes/once a week (17 classes per term)

course fee: 4.500,-Kč (September – January; February - June)



We have developed our own textbooks for pre-school and school children. We also use other czech textbooks, czech fairy tales stories, czech songs, short stories. etc.

what does czech class look like?

At the beginning of each class we revise the last topic, we make a competition, revision game or write (draw) dictate. Then we start a new topic (speaking, drawing, writing, reading). There is short break after the first part of the class. After the break we finish the new topic and play another game, roleplay or a situation game. We usually sing a song at the end of each czech class.

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